PERU – The real political situation

Cláudio C S Ribeiro – musician and anthropologist.

The recent Peruvian elections (second turn last June, 6th), declared Pedro Castillo (Free Peru), a primary school teacher and union leader, as President. His political counterpart, the ultra-rightist Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force), did not accept the final ballot box score giving 44 thousand votes pro Castillo. Keiko’s party instigated a legal action, trying to annul the elections, but the appeal was considered unfounded by the Justice and Castillo must be led to the Presidency of Peru, the coming July 28th. Fascists and the radical right have reacted against Castillo’s proclamation with recurring street violence and vandalism.
Castillo says he represents a popular movement based on Socialism. He states clearly that Free Peru is a non-communist party that defends property and private enterprises, but fights for human rights and social equity. However, it is as yet too soon to find out which traditional forces are behind Castillo and whether Free Peru could face the structural colonialism of Peruvian society.
Keiko Fujimori, whose father Alberto serves long sentence for violation of human rights and political crimes, is investigated as well for false report of electoral fraud and international money laundering. Additionally, Alberto Fujimori’s other two sons are accused of involvement with drugs and different forms of corruption.
As is usual in many other countries, the ultra-right movement is supported by dirty capital, local corrupted elite, international corporations and Imperialism, whose only goal is to spread neoliberalism, with radical extractivism, the withdrawal of labour and social security rights and the imposition of new forms of colonization.
Even though Free Peru is a lighter force than the “deep” country would need, Castillo and the future Congress have the chance to rearrange Peruvian popular movement and subvert the old unfair social system.

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