News from Donbass

By Andrey  VladmirovichKochetov
Lugansk People’s Republic
September 21/2021

Since 2014, war is in the south-east of Ukraine. The two regions did not make changes that the armed coup in Ukraine brought to Ukraine. In May 2014, Donbass residents held a referendum, which was delivered only one question: Do you support the act of state independence of Donetsk / Lugansk national republics? More than 89% of the inhabitants responded positively. In response, the Government of Ukraine applied against the republics of Donbass, contrary to the current constitution, armed forces. But this to the government of Ukraine seemed little. All types of blockades were applied against the residents of Donbass: economic, political, information, humanitarian. In this regard, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the simplification of citizenship by residents of the republics of the Donbass. Since then, more than 700 thousand residents of Donbass have become citizens of the Russian Federation.

On September 19, 2021, a landmark event occurred in the life of the republics of Donbass. This is the opportunity to realize your civil law – to participate in the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. As it does not seem strange, today no one in the media of countries of the West does not discuss that for the Donbass this is the first Russian elections. For warring now, seven years, the republics are not just a loud event, but without exaggeration historical. And it may not even be two (as in Russia), and in three ways: electronic voting at home, distance voting in information centers deployed in all areas of Donbass (as a rule, in schools with computer classes), and finally Everyone has the opportunity to rent free of charge in Rostov. Donetsk authorities organized a comfortable transfer, allocated buses and trains for these purposes.

Since the citizens of the DPR and LNR began to receive passports of the Russian Federation, we have no little about 700 thousand new voters. Even on the scale of a huge country, the digit is impressive, just so will not be afraid. Residents of Donbass became not only the heroes of news and front-line reports, but also full participants in Russian internal political processes.

From objects of domestic policies, they have become subjects – and the transition from one state to another in their case is truly fundamental. Yes, with the recognition of Independence of the DPR and LNR everything is difficult. Even more difficult is the question of the entry of the republics in the Russian Federation. But if you think about, for the self-consciousness of Donbass, this is no longer so paramount as before. Everyone is perfectly understood that these nuances refer to the areas of diplomatic games. Because in reality, the people of Donbass (and participation in elections in the State Duma – an irrefutable proof of this) – already an integral part of Russia. Finally and irrevocable. And any internal political discourse without taking into account their interests is now impossible.

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